Why do we need to avoid manual method for MBOX to PST conversion?

Through this article, I will tell you why we have to and why we should avoid manual steps for MBOX to PST conversion. I know manual steps are cost effective.

But there are disadvantages also in manual conversion. For that read the article given below.

There are no shortcuts that will make your workload easier you have to perform the whole process properly step by step due to which One of the major issues is it is very much time taking process it takes most of the time for converting MBOX files to PST files.

And this is very much difficult for a non-technical user to understand the steps and perform them and after understanding if you perform the process but there is a chance of data loss. And what is the use of the process if we lose our previous data or full security of data is not there.

Some times images get secure but those images are for any use because those get blurred due to

SMTP means there is a loss of header during the migration process which leads to broken images that will save blur images.

Use of the MBOX to PST Converter tool provides the safe, secure and understandable conversion.

Why We Should Go For Third-Party Solution

It gives the time-saving process and secure our data and give ensuring that there will be no data loss during conversion. One of the major plus points is multiple conversion of files can take place in lesser time.

Some features are

1. There is a full preview of email and message body.

2. No help required from .mbox file original email applications.

3. Conversion of any size of .mbox files can be done.

4. Supports all version of MS Outlook therefore easily changes items from MBOX file into

any version of Outlook PST file including Outlook 2016.

5. There is Option to auto-detect default storage path for .mbox files.

I will provide you link in this link you will know more about the features of the third-party tool. And process how you can use the tool steps by step working is given for MBOX to PST converter tool.


Hope article will troubleshoot your issues

PDF Recovery Software

If you have lost your data by mistake and you have deleted your data and you cannot get back that data. Then in this article, we will tell you a Recovery software which will help you to recover your data back.
You may think about how this software will recover the data from recycle bin also or data that has been deleted by you unintentionally .

So yes, you can get back data with this recovery tool. Sometimes we delete the files permanently it will not even available in recycle bin. You may be thinking it is all rubbish but no it is not we can recover and restore our data back.

To get back your data back you have only one good option to use the best Tool. Which will easily help you to get back your data back?
Online you will find numerous option for this but selecting one is not an easy task.

Now, I will not waste your more time SysInfo PDF Recovery Tool which will help you to solve this major issue. Just go with the link you just have to download the tool and then you can start using it.

Some features of the tool are

It will help you to recover all your deleted PDF files with the data, on the other hand, it will allow the user to repair unlimited PDF files and there is no limitation for file size.
We can even get back images texts, graphics, tables and data stored in your PDF files.

And one important thing it will supports PDF files Developed by Adobe Versions and all Windows Operating system. And it can be handled by anyone it is easy to handle and use.
To know more about this tool go with the link more information is given there how you can use the software and step by step process is explained there.
Hope article helps you.

How To Fix 0x00000002 Error / Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer in Windows?

There is an issue where we face a problem like our printer does get connected with the windows. Do you face this problem if yes then go with the article and if no then also go with the article it may help you to gain knowledge about this error?

WHAT IS ERROR 0x00000002

It is basically a runtime error code which is the form of Hexadecimal. This error is used by the vendor to find the error appears. This form is faced in windows user and driver vendors.

You may face these issues when windows system file gets corrupted. the damages files are a major threat to your computer system.


There are not only some reason there are numerous reasons for this error like sometimes we shut down our system in so hurry that the system has not even closed all the file we shut it down. Or if our system faced spyware and virus attack.

There are some methods through which we can resolve this error some are:

1. Creating a new local port

2. By removing the printer driver

In my opinion, when our tricks do not work then only we should go for a professional solution and this will help you a lot to solve your problem and how can save your system from this Error.

Hope article will help you.


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Cigati is one of the Headmost IT Company which lust after quality not for quantity result. They are here to help us with recovery. It basically deliver us with some wise and most leading online applications. Their skillful team designs such products with a user convenient bond so, that it can be used by a non-technical individual

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The company initiated its operation with an only recovery tool. It was founded in 2014. to become one of the trusted brands in the ground of IT & software by supplying quality tools and outstanding benefits to our beneficial user.

Nowadays Cigati basically get a handle on something like

• Email Migration

• Data Recovery

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• Freeware Tools

As company Brings us with upgrading. On the bases of developing requirement, the company has floated other tools like

1. Email

Outlook Email Migration –https://www.cigatisolutions.com/outlook-email-recovery/ This tool is best for repairing and recover Emails from corrupt Outlook PST Files. It is used to convert Outlook PST emails into multiple file formats like

1. PST

2. MSG

3. DBX


5. EML

2. Database

BKF File Repair Tool – https://www.cigatisolutions.com/bkf-file-repair-tool/This tool is used to repair and restore Windows back up the file with satisfaction. There are three recovery modes to recover restore corrupted BKF files

1. Standard

2. Advanced

3. Deep

3. Freeware

OST File Viewer – https://www.cigatisolutions.com/ost-file-viewer/If you are facing problem in viewing contents like email, contacts, notes, and other mailbox items. You can go through this tool.

PST File Viewer – https://www.cigatisolutions.com/outlook-pst-file-viewer/This tool helps the user to read and open Outlook emails without Outlook. It is suitable for PST files of all Outlook versions.

Windows BKF File Viewer –https://www.cigatisolutions.com/windows-bkf-file-viewer/ If you want to view read and open backup files which are corrupt this tool is good because we can easily open windows backup files in Windows 7,8 and 10.

HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT IF YOUR EXCEL 2016 FILE IS CORRUPTED????https://tinyurl.com/y5xc9gl2

If you want a guide to solve error easily in excel 2016 file which is damaged or become unavailable due to corruption so, you must go through the article it may help you.


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